Your Incarnation Cross and
the 2027 Prophecy:
What You Need To Know During Eclipse Season

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What You Will Learn At This Event:

  • Why We're Going Through This Big Shift and What It Means for You:

    Discover the truth about the 2027 Prophecy and how it will affect you, whether you believe it or not. Learn what the Eclipse Season is and why it matters now.

  • Discover How Your Grand Purpose is Affected by Imminent Changes: Learn why and how this impacts you and your family and how you live your Incarnation Cross.

  • Why You Can Trust That Things WILL Change: Yes, I was initially skeptical that there could really be a fundamental shift (in a positive way) to how our world functions, until I learned about THIS.

  • What the Background Frequencies Are and Why They Matter: Learn WHY our world has been running the way it has been for the last 410 years. Find out what they are and how these frequency changes will impact EVERYTHING.

  • Learn How the Social Hierarchy is About to Shift: You've heard that this is the time for the biggest exchanges of generational wealth in history, but you haven't heard about why the social hierarchy is about to change in surprising ways.

  • How and Why the Way We Live, Work, Have Relationships, and So Much More is Changing: After this event, you will understand what's changing, and why it's inevitable that we all get more comfortable with faster cycles of change.

  • Learn About New Ways of Healing, Preparing, and Experience New Technologies that Can Help You Make Change (More Fun and Easy): Some of our amazing speakers will share meditations, healings and sound frequencies in their interviews, so you may be able to experience profound shifts and even spontaneous healing when you participate!

Let's Meet Your Extraordinary Speakers

I'm Grace Gravestock

After my perfect-on-the-outside life was shattered by a divorce, layoff, downsizing and health crisis all at once, I tried out all the professional change processes that I'd been sharing with corporate clients for years, on myself. I realized that the missing component was energy. I also learned this system that maps your Energetic Blueprint, which has been a catalyst for transformation for me and thousands of clients.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you create a life they actually WANT to live. I’ll show you how to live in alignment with your unique configuration so that life - and change - can finally be fun AND easy!