Unlock Your Full Potential: Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs Who Are Living On Purpose and Creating Their Dream Life

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Here Is What You Will Learn At This Event:

  • Discover Lucrative, Fulfilling, and Purpose-Driven Work: Uncover the keys to identifying work that brings financial success and fulfils your passion and purpose.

  • Challenges as Seeds of Purpose and Prosperity: Explore how challenges can be growth opportunities and how overcoming them can lead to a more purposeful and prosperous life.

  • Understanding Purpose-Aligned Work: Gain insights into what purpose-aligned work looks like and how aligning your skills and passion can lead to a fulfilling career.

  • Create a Next Chapter Aligned with Freedom and Prosperity: Learn strategies to design your next life chapter in a way that feels aligned with your values, offering both freedom and prosperity.

  • Confidently Navigate Unprecedented Change: Equip yourself with the tools to confidently face and navigate through periods of unprecedented change, turning them into opportunities.

Let's Meet Your Extraordinary Speakers

I'm Grace Gravestock

After my perfect-on-the-outside life was shattered by a divorce, layoff, downsizing and health crisis all at once, I tried out all the professional change processes that I'd been sharing with corporate clients for years, on myself. I realized that the missing component was energy. I also learned this system that maps your Energetic Blueprint, which has been a catalyst for transformation for me and thousands of clients.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you create a life they actually WANT to live. I’ll show you how to live in alignment with your unique configuration so that life - and change - can finally be fun AND easy!